[ANN] Announcing sorcery-0.1.0


I’m please to announce, after 4 weeks of development, that I’ve just
released the first version of sorcery gem:

sorcery is an authentication gem plugin for Rails 3 inspired by
Authlogic, Devise and restful-authentication. You can see how it is used
with an example application here:

This gem plugin was started because:

  • I wanted to write something 100% TDD from start to finish.
  • I wanted to learn how to write an engine for Rails 3.

In addition to the above I had some plugin goals:

  • Simple config
  • Keep MVC.
  • Magic yes, Voodoo no.
  • No generated code.
  • No built-in controllers, models, mailers, migrations or templates;
    Real apps will need all of these custom made anyway.

Hopefully, I’ve achieved this. If not, let me know.

== Current Features:

  • Basic Login/Logout.
  • Password encryption with configurable algorithm.
  • User activation by email with optional success email.
  • Reset password with email verification.
  • Remember me with configurable expiration.
  • Configurable session timeout.
  • Brute force login hammering protection.
  • Modular design, load only the modules you need.
  • 100% TDD’d code, 100% test coverage (100+ specs).

== Where from here:

fix bugs when found.
improve existing features.
add new features.
I’ve got many plans which include:

  • Basic HTTP Authentication
  • Auto login
  • Other reset password strategies (security questions?)
  • Sinatra support
  • Mongoid support
  • OmniAuth integration
  • Activity logging
  • Have an idea? Let me know, and it might get into the gem!

That’s it for now,
Hope you will try it and let me know what you think.


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