[ANN] Aloha on Rails, Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference, Early Bird Registration (50% Off)


We are proud to announce that the Aloha on Rails (http://
alohaonrails.com/), the Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference, has opened
the Super Early Bird Registration. The Aloha on Rails Conference, Oct
5-6 2009, is the premier destination event for Ruby on Rails and Web
Development. This unique, three day event (2 day conference and 1 day
tutorial) unites the community’s top speakers and talent with
motivated and excited attendees for an unforgettable conference in
beautiful Waikiki, Hawaii.

Aloha on Rails is a Low Cost, High Value Education, Investment, and
Vacation. Aloha On Rails - Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference - Waikiki - Oct 5-6 2009

Super Early Bird Registration prices are 50% off the final price, and
this offer ends June 30th, so Register Today!


* One day Rails training from RailsBridge - Learn Rails!
* Two days of solid content and stories
* Presentations from Chad F., Obie F., Gregg P.,

Anthony E., Tim Dysinger, Desi McAdam, Jon Crosby, Scott Chacon,
Giles B., Jeremy McAnally, Sarah Mei, Charles Nutter, Yehuda
Katz, Alan Gates, Jim W., and more!
* Keynote
* Lunches and snacks both days
* Official T-Shirt
* Chance to win prizes
* Plenty of face time with your fellow developers, designers, and
* The beautiful beaches and breathtaking sites of Waikiki and

It’s a perfect reason, and a perfect time, to visit Hawaii. It’s
never been cheaper to travel here, and the fall airfare deals will
start appearing soon.

For more information, please visit http://alohaonrails.com/ and follow
@alohaonrails on Twitter.

Mahalo nui loa,