[ANN][ADV] Rails Wheels search and licencing system for Rails software


I’d like to announce Rails Wheels, a way to find, and be
notified about, plugins and other software that’s used on
Rails sites, but also a way for authors of such software
to earn part of their living from their open-sourced
packages, rather than solely from their sites. The aim
is to give us better software with better support &
documentation, while preserving most of the benefits of

Licences can be purchased in infrequent batches, and are
only required when software is in live use, easing the
burden on software users, while software authors have
a ready-made framework for listing, licencing and
supporting their work.

So if you’ve written a plugin, tool, or other piece of
software (big or small) that’s used on Rails websites,
I invite you to register it at http://railswheels.com .
Your software’s licence conditions can be purely free,
commercial, donation-ware, or a hybrid, including legacy



We develop, watch us RoR, in numbers too big to ignore.