[ANN/ADV] Only TWO WEEKS left to register for the Ruby Hoedown!

Hi folks,
There’s only 2 weeks left to register for the Ruby Hoedown, sponsored
by Engine Y. and Hashrocket. We’ve got talks from Jim W., Joe
O’Brien, Rein H., Giles B., David Black, Chris W.,
Rick B., and more! Check out http://www.rubyhoedown.com/ for
more information and a regsitration link.

Two things today: discounts and travel.

First, we’ve gotten questions about discount ticket offers. Well, it
just so happens we offer discounts to students, user groups, and
companies. If you’re any of those, then drop us an e-mail to
removed_emai[email protected] and we’ll get you setup with a discount

Second, some people have said that travel to Huntsville has been
problematic, whether with routes or prices. If you find yourself in
that situation, the best option is to fly to Nashville or Birmingham
and drive down (each is only about an hour or so away). This should
be significantly cheaper than some of the prices I’ve received from a
few attendees.

Third (oh yeah, I’m adding one to the list!), we’ll be having dinner
together on Friday provided by an excellent local pasta place. Don’t
miss it!

Thanks so much! If you have any questions, e-mail me or
[email protected]!

–Jeremy and the rest of the Ruby Hoedown bunch


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