[ANN/ADV] Four-day Rails workshop in Alexandria, VA, USA

Hi everyone –

I’m going to be teaching a four-day Rails workshop in Alexandria,
Virginia, USA, October 17-20, for the training company Accelebrate
(http://www.accelebrate.com). The workshop takes you from the
foundations of Ruby and Rails, through to a solid working, practical
knowledge of both.

This course is appropriate for computer/programming-savvy Rails
beginners, and for people who have done some Ruby and Rails but want
to clear the cobwebs and learn it systematically.

If you’re interested, you can find detailed information at:
http://www.accelebrate.com/contact/ror_registration.asp. Or contact
me privately if you have any questions.

(And yes, it does overlap for one day with RubyConf. I’m probably not
going to make it to RubyConf – but that’s another story.)


David A. Black | [email protected]
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[1] Ruby for Rails | [3] http://www.rubypowerandlight.com
[2] http://dablog.rubypal.com | [4] http://www.rubycentral.org

The price for one person is too expensive. The workshop is during
weekdays which makes it
difficult to attend. I would rather bring my own laptop and work on it
than working on the PCs
provided by the training center. So Internet connection must be provided
for laptops.

Why not use bleeding edge technologies to learn Ruby and Rails? How
about a Webinar series
(webcam/chat etc)? Something like 5 hours per week for 20 weeks.
Structured sessions with
interaction with students via chat? Is it possible?