[ANN] acts_as_threaded plugin

This plugin is related to the acts_as_nested_set functionality but
in that it allows multiple roots to exist within your database.

The other benefit, is that when adding a child, it doesn’t perform a
table update to rebuild the tree, each child insertion only affects the
that it is placed in.

It even comes with my first screencast to show how you can build an old
school threaded forum.

Check it out if you need this extended functionality.


It’s certainly possible that acts_as_nested_set can be massaged to
this functionality, but I found it quicker and easier to build it

This is a 0.1 version and I haven’t created the unit tests for it yet.
Please send bug reports and feature requests back my way.


Bob S.


Great plugin and amazing screencast ! What tool did you use to create
it ?

Excellent screencast. I’ll be sure to check out your plugin when I get
the opportunity to do so.

From: Bob S.


Hi, I think this is probably a general newbie Rails question,
not necessarily specific to this plugin. But I’m following
the screencast, duplicating the steps shown, trying to arrive
at the same fledgeling threaded forums Rails app.

I’ve gotten to where I’m creating my first new post, and I’m
seeing a difference between the screencast and my own app.

The screencast “New post” form starts out with the Depth, Lft,
and Rgt fields already pre-filled with zeros:


Whereas, in my app, these fields are blank:


[(And even if I fill in those fields, when I submit the post, it
seems some hidden fields like root_id and parent_id are NULL that
I think should have had some default value, as well.)]

My question is, can anyone give me some hints as to what would
allow the screencast app to have default values for some fields,
whereas my app does not?

I’m wondering if it’s something at the database level . . . .

Thanks for your help!



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