[ANN] acts_as_solr v.0.7 released

acts_as_solr v.0.7 has been released, and the changes are:

NEW: You can now specify the field types when indexing and searching if
you’d like to preserve its original type. Important: Make sure you
update your schema.xml file.


Each field passed can also be a hash with the value being a field type

class Electronic < ActiveRecord::Base
acts_as_solr :fields => [{:price => :range_float}, {:current_time =>
def current_time


Electronic.find_by_solr “ipod AND price:[* TO 59.99]”,
:field_types => [{:price => :range_float}]

The field types accepted are:
:float: Index the field value as a float (ie.: 12.87)
:integer: Index the field value as an integer (ie.: 31)
:boolean: Index the field value as a boolean (ie.: true/false)
:date: Index the field value as a date (ie.: Wed Nov 15 23:13:03 PST
:string: Index the field value as a text string, not applying the same
indexing filters as a regular text field
:range_integer: Index the field value for integer range queries (ie.:[5
TO 20])
:range_float: Index the field value for float range queries (ie.:[14.56
TO 19.99])

Setting the field type preserves its original type when indexed

FIX: Fixing sorting bug. Thanks for the catch Laurel
FIX: Fixing small bug when installing the plugin
NEW: Adding the :additional_fields option to the acts_as_solr method

Home => http://acts-as-solr.rubyforge.org/
SVN => http://opensvn.csie.org/acts_as_solr/trunk

Thiago J.

Hi Thiago,

I am wondering how usually we get new release and various features
like highlighting etc. would be supported in any near term next
release. Secondly, which is the official mailing list for acts_as_solr


On Feb 16, 11:57 am, Thiago J. [email protected]

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