[ANN] Acts as Most Popular plugin

Make your models feel like they are in high school again. This plugin
retrieves the most frequently occurring values for each column. It
adds methods of the form most_popular_[pluralized_column_name]. Check
for sample usage.

The plugin is mostly just a group_by in disguise. It is probably
overkill if you just need to find the most popular items for one
column, and probably doesn’t warrant a plugin. But if you are a
newbie, then this plugin will do the heavy lifting for you.

Shane V.

Love the name Shane! :slight_smile:

I can’t take credit for the name. Someone on #rubyonrails came up
with it. I couldn’t use Acts as Popular since it was already taken.
If you are the one who came up with the name (and if you care) feel
free to show yourself :slight_smile: