[ANN] ActiveSupport-GemFireCache a Jruby/Rails Plugin


Just wanted to let the community know that I put some time/effort
into building a basic Jruby/Rails plugin that will allow you to
replace the cache_store with one specific for the Gemfire Cache
Server. For those not familiar with Gemfire, its an enterprise grade
memory caching fabric with tons of interesting features and great
scalability. We have been testing some java implementations so I
thought I would give a shot at building a gem for use natively in
Rails as a cache store. Hopefully another good step towards more
useful enterprise integration benefits of Jruby.

The plugin is really more in proof of concept mode and doesnt take
full advantage of all of the Gemfire capabilities, but does allow you
to connect to a local Gemfire cache server and access all the standard
Rails.cache methods natively in your Rails app.

You can install it and test it by ‘gem install
denen99-activesupport-gemfirecache’ or checking it out on github

Community contributions to improve the code are welcome, and when I
get some more time i will add some more flexibility/functionality into
the gem.


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