[ANN] activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.9 released

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the release of activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.9.
This release should be fully compatible with Rails 2.2. In particular,
I’ve added code in the adapter to detect when you use a JNDI
connection and automatically add a checkin hook for the Rails
connection pool to ensure that the connection is returned to the JNDI
pool at the end of each request. This is a little suboptimal in that
there are two levels of pooling; you still need to make sure your AR
pool size is >= your JNDI pool size. I’m thinking about how to
circumvent the AR pool in a future release. As a fallback, you can
also use the pre-2.2 technique described in 1 to completely close
the connection after every request.

Also, if you’re interested in specifics of activerecord-jdbc
development, please join the mailing lists over at

Looking forward to your feedback!


Full 0.9 changelog follows.


  • Now updated to support ActiveRecord 2.2. JNDI-based connections will
    automatically connect/disconnect for every AR connection pool
    checkout/checkin. For best results, set your pool: parameter >= the
    actual maximum size of the JNDI connection pool. (We’ll look at how
    to eliminate the need to configure AR’s pool in the future.)
  • NEW! Informix support courtesy of Javier Fernandez-Ivern.
  • Backport another Oracle CLOB issue, thanks Edson César.
  • Rubyforge #22018: chomp final trailing semicolon for oracle
  • JRUBY-2848: Fix NPE error in set_native_database_types
  • Rework oracle lob saving callback to be Rails 2.1 friendly (assist
    from court3nay)
  • JRUBY-2715: Add create/drop database methods to Postgres (Peter
  • JRUBY-3183: Fix structure dump for Postgres (Ryan B.)
  • JRUBY-3184: recreate_database for test database working for PG (Ryan
  • JRUBY-3186: disable referential integrity for PG (Ryan B.)
  • Authoritative repository now hosted at
    git://github.com/nicksieger/activerecord-jdbc-adapter.git; rubyforge
    svn trunk cleaned out.

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I know this is an old announcement, but I have a question regarding your
statement that the AR pool size should be >= the size of the JNDI pool.
can setting the size of the AR pool > the size of the JNDI pool ever
Doesn’t the AR pool keep its connections open? Won’t it exceed the
of available connections from the JNDI pool leading to a connection