[ANN] activerecord-jdbc 1.0.3 released

Hi everyone,

This is to announce the availability of activerecord-jdbc 1.0.3. This
release fixes compatibility with Rails 3.0.3 and Arel 2. If any of you
see any new showstopper bugs, let me know and we’ll try to work through
them quickly.

gem install activerecord-jdbc-adapter
gem install 



Summary of fixes:

== 1.0.3 (11/29/10)

  • ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-143: Implement table_exists? fixing association
    table names with schema prefixes
  • Cleanup of column code for hsqldb (Denis Odorcic)
  • Rails 3.0.3 support - add Arel 2 visitors for all adapters
  • Fix MySQL date types to not have limits (Chris Lowder)
  • ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-141: Better schema support in H2