[ANN] activerecord-jdbc 0.9.6, the Oracle release

Hi all,

I’ve finally gone and fixed a number of Oracle issues and bundled them
up into the 0.9.6 release. Enjoy!


== 0.9.6

  • The Oracle release!
  • Oracle should be working much better with this release. Also updated
    to work with Rails 3.
  • Get all unit tests running cleanly on Oracle, fixing previous
    datetime/timezone issues.
  • ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-83: Add :sequence_start_value option to
    create_table, following oracle_enhanced adapter
  • ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-33: Don’t double-quote table names in oracle
  • ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-17: Fix Oracle primary keys so that /^NUMBER$/ =>
  • Fix remaining blockers ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-82, JRUBY-3675,

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