[ANN] 3 New Radiant Sites

Hi All,

I launched three new radiant sites this weekend:



These sites are perfect use cases for Radiant, since they’re small,
focused sites. Radiant was great because there was so little overhead
I could start posting content really quickly and focus on the design.
These sites used to be based on Wordpress and a custom Rails app, but
I was able to move them over pretty easily without needing to write
much custom code.

FYI, these sites are all hosted by eApps, using Mongrel and
mod_proxy. Performance so far seems decent, though much better than
when I was using FCGI. I switched to mongrel only because FCGI
stopped working once rails 1.2 was installed, but this setup is a lot

The only extension I had to write myself simply housed some custom
utility tags I needed. Now that I have some time to focus on my own
site, I’ll setup a public SVN repository and send out the URL when

Anyway, thanks again. Radiant’s been really great to work with.


Great work, Christian!



Cool sites! Plenty of scope in the real estate market for nifty focussed
sites. I’d like to stay in the Idyllwind Cabin personallly.

cheers, Ben.


Of course, if you really want a reservation you can use the contact
form – it’s powered by the mailer extension.