[ANN] 0.0.5 releases of LogBuddy and CapGun

Some long overdue releases of cap_gun and log_buddy - both have been
updated to version 0.0.5. Both are now available as gems on
Relevance · GitHub as well as from rubyforge.

CapGun gives you super simple deployment notifications from
Capistrano. LogBuddy gives you a log helper through all objects, and
can also log the name of the thing passed in along with its value –
saving you on typing and making debugging quicker.

CapGun got a fix so it does not attempt to display the rails_env if
its not defined - this should clean up any strangeness in
notifications if you saw something like "my_app was deployed to ".

LogBuddy got some minor tweaks and improved specs.

Both libraries now use Echoe, since Hoe complains about readme.txt
when I want to use an rdoc, dammit. Both now only have a dev
dependency on echoe to play nice with RubyGems 1.2.

You can install them via github or rubyforge:

sudo gem install log_buddy
sudo gem install cap_gun


gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
sudo gem install relevance-log_buddy
sudo gem install relevance-cap_gun

Please log bugs or issues at http://opensource.thinkrelevance.com/

  • Rob