Anise v0.7.0 released

Anise 0.7.0 has been released.

Anise is an annotations systems for the Ruby programming lanaguage.

This release has some major API changes. Most significantly a number of
modules have been renamed. The Method module has been renamed to
Annotative::Methods. Likewise the Attribute module has been ranamed
to Annotative::Attributes, and so on. These have been renamed so that
including Anise in the toplevel will not cause conflicts with any
other modules or classes an application or library might be using. In
addition these modules now must use extend rather then include to be
mixed into a class or module, since they conatin only class methods.


  • Rename Annotations module to Annotations::Store.
  • Rename Annotation module to Annotations.
  • Rename Method module to Annotative::Methods.
  • Rename Attribute module to Annotative::Attributes.
  • Add #method_annotation for use in custom class method.
  • Discourage #method_annotator in favor of #method_annotation.