AngularJS options with a simple_form checkbox

Hi guys,

How does one assign ng-model to a checkbox in simple_form? I have tried
adding it like this:

=f.input :super_admin , label: false, checked_value: true,
false, as: :boolean,:input_html=>{“ng-model”=>“superadmincbx”}

but my ng-hide does not work.


I’m also using the Batarang and checking/unchecking the checkbox does
trigger the corresponding changes in the scoped item. However, in my
controller, if I add

$scope.superadmincbx = true;

it get’s picked up by the checkbox(it’s checked) and ng-hide works. What
I not seeing/doing wrong? I also have a drop-down select which works as
expected when I use:

=f.association :survey_type, as: :select,:input_html
=>{“ng-model”=>“survey_type”} which works fine.

Thanks for your help!