Android htc jruby ruboto. with_large_stack?

A few weeks ago my scripts were working just fine, I thought maybe if I
updated jruby my scripts would start working again. Now I see this error
Ruboto ruby process has stopped unexpectedly…

I have been looking threw the example scripts and found a function
called, with large stack… I’m not sure if I’m doing this right…
Most problems I run into are simple fix’s, maybe some one can a

require ‘socket’
require ‘ruboto’

with_large_stack {print data=(rand(122-97) + 97).chr.unpack(“H*”)[0] +
(rand(122-97) + 97).chr.unpack(“H*”)[0] + (rand(122-97) +
97).chr.unpack(“H*”)[0] + (rand(122-97) + 97).chr.unpack(“H*”)[0]}
with_large_stack {‘’,‘6117’)} # ~winter
with_large_stack {puts s.recv(3000)}