Anatomy of an application in rails

Ok guys, after doing many tutorial arond the web i realize that im not
going to learn rails well until a made my own app, so i defined what i
want and structured in a way that hope you can understand, maybe we can
help each other and define a good starting base(models and
relationships) that can be helpful for all of us.

Its a little(i think cms), it will consist of basically 4 sections:

-user submited content
-user profile

the site will have a blog and a forum beign administrated by an
admin(me) and the registered user can post in the forum, send news,
update his profile and add friends to his network, there are some
guidelines, i have done an image that hope explain a little better this:

so, there are two things on wich id be glad if someone could give me
some references:

1- user role auth
2- relations between friends(each user can have many friends)

i think its too much for now, any help or advices will be very
apreciated :slight_smile:


The easiest, if not cheapest, approach would be to buy the Rails

  • User Role Authentication is covered in recipes 31 and 32:
    “Authentication” and “Role Based Authorization”
  • Relations between friends is covered in recipe 18 “Self Referential
    Many to Many Relationships”.

The detail in these recipes should be enough to cover your requirements.


Dave M.