Sorry for the pointer to pointer question. I now understand how it
works. As for the polyphase filter.

build mpoints fir filters…

    for i in range(mpoints):
        f = gr.fft_filter_ccc(1, sub_taps[mpoints-i-1])
        self.connect((self.s2ss,i), f)
        self.connect(f, (self.ss2v, i))
        self.connect((self.v2ss, i), (self, i))

The existing wiring is correct from what I understand. The fact that
the sub filters get connected from last to first
(f=gr.fft_filter_ccc(1,sub_taps[mpoints-i-1])) does the same as
feeding the input samples in from bottom to top.

Looking at everything now, it seems to be fine. I just can’t get it
to work correctly. I’ll play around to try and see what I’m doing

Thanks for all the help so far.


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