An update on my repository (a repo for RHEL/CentOS which has gnuradio)

First please let me note that I will not and do not email this list
about the repo except when I have an update pertaining to gnuradio.

When I first started the repo, I was only building packages for x86_64,
but soon after adopted mock and built most of them for i386 as well, but
the sdcc source rpm had problems compiling under mock, leaving me unable
to build gnuradio for i386. It fell by the wayside and no one seemed to
care since i386 isn’t the typical platform of power-users these days.
However, I had a recent request for an i386 package, gave sdcc another
whirl, and finally got a more recent sdcc package that builds
successfully under mock and was able to at last put gnuradio 3.2.2 for
i386 into the repository.

In the same request, it was noted that wxPython should have been called
wxPython25 so as not to conflict with the upstream for Python 2.4. I
repackaged wxPython and gnuradio with the appropriate obsoletes and was
updated to 3.2.2-5 from rawhide with the usual tweaks to use the

Long story short, gnuradio 3.2.2-5 is now available pre-compiled for
x86_64 and i386.

Boost is still at 1.40 as the 1.41 didn’t build on my last attempt and
haven’t tried very hard to work it out as I’m holding out for a 1.43
source rpm. I have an eye out for it, but may up-package 1.43 using the
1.40 spec as a starting point, but I like to go with version specific
rpms with something as big and complex as boost whenever possible to
avoid missing files. If anything else is creeping out of date, please
let me know.

Last but not least, Gnuradio 3.3 final is nearly here- I’ll do my best
to package it as soon as possible, but may need feedback whether it
works appropriately.

And to sign off- as always, please contact me if you have any problems,
complaints, suggestions, etc. Thanks to all who are making use of the
software and providing feedback.