An unknown number of elements

Hi all!
I have a model (Show) than can have an unknown number of dates. And a
date can have an unknown number of shows. Making a Date model seems
icky, espicially since I would have to probably write a lot of glue code
to get the many-many to work easily. I was thinking maybe storing a
Marshaled array of Time objects in a text field, but that isn’t very
clean either… Any Ideas?

The only major concern with is how you’re going to efficiently perform
queries for shows occurring on particular dates. If you stored the
dates as a comma-separated list of strings, you could make these kinds
of queries a bit more efficient:

class Show
def for_date(date)
# assuming trailing commas…
find(:all, :conditions => [“date LIKE ‘%?,%’”, date.strftime("%Y/

You’re sorta screwed if you want to find shows within a date range
though. Also, you have to load and re-save the entire column just to
add or remove a date – this is probably ok if there are less than a
hundred dates…

Using a many-to-many isn’t THAT hard. You get a lot of power with it
– and the amount of glue code you need to write should be minimal.
In this case it seems to be the cleaner solution…

On Apr 21, 10:06 pm, Chris C. [email protected]

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