An ISDB-T receiver implementation

Hi everybody,

Some months ago we started working on an ISDB-T receiver for GNU Radio.
have reached a point at which it may be useful for other people, so we
decided to announce to it on the list. The sources may be found on:
GitHub - git-artes/gr-isdbt: DTV ISDB-T in GNURadio.

Although this is an ongoing work, the receiver is now capable of roughly
two things (examples included):

  • Synchronize to the OFDM symbol, equalize, and decode the TMCC signal
    (equivalent to the DVB’s TPS). This has been tested for mode-3
    (i.e. 8k OFDM) and several CP lengths, which is what we have available
    here, but it should work with all the modes and CPs.
  • Display online the 1-segment video (i.e. the low definition portion
    is generally sent in ISDB-T). Again, this has been tested with the
    transmissions available here in Uruguay.

We are currently working on displaying the rest of the segments, as well
debugging and improving the rest of the blocks.

Any feedback and/or help is more than welcome!


On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 2:16 PM, Federico L. [email protected]

(equivalent to the DVB’s TPS). This has been tested for mode-3 transmission


Thanks for letting everyone know, Federico. It’s probably get more
and use if you put it into PyBOMBS so it can be made available on CGRAN:

See Documentation - Submitting OOT Modules