An idea for the Rails community

Hi, below this paragraph is an idea I have for a web application I have
in mind and I need help building it as well as maintaining it once it’s
built. I need a team and anyone interested should email me
([email protected]).

Basically the idea is to create a news pool where from that pool, news
is fed out to people. On tv or the radio, news about anything and
everything around the world comes to you, you don’t search for it. On
the internet, you have to find it. What I plan to have is an application
that pools all the news on the web and based on the interests of people,
the news is filtered and distributed to them in real time. So let’s say
Yahoo signs up, while Yahoo signs up, it will add a link or links that
lead to its news blogs or websites and categorize them. If another user
signs up but doesn’t necessarily have a blog, that’s fine, but based on
that user’s interests, say sports, that user will be fed with news from
Yahoo sports blog in excerpts and a link that leads to the main Yahoo
site. If another user who has a personal blog signs up and adds his blog
or website to that pool, based on category, anyone interested in the
kind of things he blogs about will be fed with a link to any new post he
makes.Users may also follow other users specifically to receive news
feed from them. Users may have friends and followers as well as build a
resume, reputation and based on activity, a value will be placed on
profiles as “net worth” and users can virtually buy “shares” in other
users and based on activity, the shares and dividends also grow…
simply put, the application feeds news from around the web to you, you
don’t have to go search for it so things you might even be missing on if
you don’t search for it will finally be discovered with ease. Though I
mentioned news as paramount, anything can really be shared with everyone
else as a quick post, or with just friends as a status of a sort.

there’s quite a lot to this which will take me a while to write out but
if this excites you about the application, please do email me or comment
below let me know what your thoughts are.

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 11:35 AM, Samuel M. [email protected]

Basically the idea is to create a news pool where from that pool, news
is fed out to people.

Already done – it’s called “Twitter” :slight_smile:

Hassan S. ------------------------ [email protected]

twitter: @hassan

Practically every “social network” feeds news and updates to it’s
users… not sure why you singled out “Twitter” on that one. I know what
you mean, but I know what I’m on about :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out