An "Attaboy" to Mr. O'shea & pybombs

One of the toughest problems to crack has been making OP25 easier for
users to install.

Historically there were long lists of system commands, pre-requisite
packages, and other
red tape. This was bad enough to scare away most users, and those who
stuck with it,
most of them, would then run into [rumored] so-called “version
conflicts” that we heard
about, but could never seem to get actual error messages to look at.
Lately we’ve been

working on a pybombs recipe that we hope eventually to push, and there’s
a lot more work
to do. Nonetheless one intrepid user “Scott” has managed to build the
new gr-3.7-
compatible version of OP25 in its current form using pybombs. I’ve
pasted two of Scott’s

messages [edited] to the op25-dev list from the last day or two, below.



I'm pretty sure I understand how this install process works now.
Thank you for the guidance. I'm kind of digging the pybombs

[snip] [snip]

Just a quick note as not to leave you hanging.. Setting the
proper run time environment solved all my issues with running
the OP25 python scripts. So I think I'm good to go now as far
as having a working install. It was really a lot less painful
then I expected the whole process to be. I'm now happy I took
the plunge.

I'm contemplating wiping the partition and starting fresh,
then document it all for others to follow. From one noob to
another, so to speak. Due to my inexperience with Linux left
me with a messy install anyway. The path to gr-op25_repeater/apps
is eight layers deap from home. Too much typing.. heh

I do have several questions, but I'll post those in new topics
unrealated to the install process.

On 01/17/2014 02:49 AM, ikjtel wrote:

One of the toughest problems to crack has been making OP25 easier for
users to install.

Yep, PyBombs is a great tool, and I’ve also used it a lot to GNU
Radio-fy any given machine without much interaction my part.

I’d like to remind anyone that you can add your own projects to PyBombs!
If you’re the creator of any out-of-tree module, PyBombs is an easy way
to distribute it to others.

Have a look at the PyBombs page if you’re not yet familiar:

You can add your own project by creating a simple ‘recipe’ file and
adding it to the repository (e.g. by pull request).


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