An acts_as_sortable replacement built for Rails 3

Howdy all,

I just wanted to point out a new positioning library we open-sourced
at Harvest:

A New Rails 3 Positioning Library: RankedModel - Harvest

And github:

GitHub - harvesthq/ranked-model: Ranked Model has moved!

A couple reasons this is a nice option for positioning:

  • ARel! From the ground up this library uses ARel so sorts can be
    chained like any order() statement.
  • Multiple rankers for a single model.
  • Group sorted items by a common column or any scope.
  • Fewer database writes with a new position storage strategy.
  • Rspec! This lib is well tested.

I think it’s a great solution for a common problem Rails folk often
need to address. Any feedback or questions are welcome!

Thanks all,


PS- Harvest is hiring Rails devs at all skill levels:

Matthew B. :: 607 227 0871
Resume & Portfolio @

Nice, thanks for sharing. I will give it a try in a project I am
planning :slight_smile: