AMSAT Meeting in Philadelphia

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, Inc. (AMSAT), a non-profit
501c3 organization in the U.S. which designs, builds, launches
satellites for the use of radio amateurs worldwide is holding its
annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa. this coming weekend.

As with all amateur radio endeavors of any significance, a lot
happens as a result of holding these meetings, and usually in the last
hours before the event. This one is no different but I take the time
to write to you because of some significant things that will happen at
this meeting.

The following well known amateurs will attend in addition to the usual
list of AMSAT suspects.

Frank B., AB2KT
Designer and co-author of DttSP, the software core used in PowerSDR
(Flex-Radio), uwSDR ( , jSDR, DttSP-shell,
and several others. Designer and author of the VR, a radio kernel to
be used in software/cognitive efforts for robust distributed computing
radio systems and recently described at the DCC. Contributor to
GnuRadio and HPSDR. For a general introduction to the entire area
please The SDR/DSP Starter Page

Phil Covington, N8VB
Designer, author, leading developer in the HPSDR offerings
( including Atlas, Ozymandias with contributions to
Janus, Mercury, Penelope, and more.

Matt E., N2MJI
GnuRadio. Design of USRP and USRP2 for GnuRadio. And lead designer
on the AMSAT Advanced Communications Package.

Hartmut Päsler DL1YDD (AMSAT-DL V.P.)
Hartmut will be telling us of the current status of Phase 3E and their
launch opportunities and about Bochum 66’ Dish that has been used to
receive signals from planetary probes.

Bruce P. K6BP
formerly of Pixar and amongst other things, editor of the Bruce P.
Open Source series of books.

Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR
Owner of Flex-Radio, designer of the SDR-1000, Flex5000

At this meeting AMSAT-NA will announce a major new satellite
opportunity for us and how we intend to take advantage of it if all
the stars line up! President Rick Hambly, W2GPS, has been working
nonstop on this and we are excited to tell you about it in the first
level of detail we are able to give and how we will be proceeding.

We have an international audience attending and the symposium agenda
is available from the URL above and many great speakers. Ya’ll come.

I realize that this is the last minute but more than a little bit of
this stuff happened in the LAST TWO WEEKS and until it was ready to
release, we just couldn’t. I am hoping to reach amateurs who are
within driving distance of Pittsburgh or those who can decide at the
last minute to come. I believe this is an AMSAT symposium you do not
want to miss.

Bob McGwier