Ambit 0.10 Released

ambit version 0.10 has been released!

This is an all-ruby implementation of choose/fail nondeterministic
programming with branch cut, as described in Chapter 22 of Paul Graham’s
On Lisp[1], or Section 4.3 of SICP[2].


0.10 / 2011-04-26

  • Add Ambit::unmark! and Ambit::unmark_all!, which can be used to undo
    effects of the Ambit::mark operation – see “Marking and Cutting” in
    README for details.

  • Add Ambit::trace and Ambit::untrace to turn on or off tracing of Ambit
    operations to STDERR. In Ambit test cases, check for the environment
    variable AMBIT_TRACE, and turn on tracing during execution of tests if
    is set.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 8:14 PM, Jim W. [email protected] wrote:

I know this isn’t related to ambit itself, but you might find things
in the long run if you have a separate project for each library/gem you
make. Over time, it’ll become onerous to get, say, ambit’s source,
the Git project itself is “ruby”, containing each library. (Also, “ruby”
suggests a fork of Ruby itself!) Easier to fix this now rather than