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How can I resolve http using a Amazon EC2 instance?

The instance used the mongrel web server for rails.

Do I need to modify a mongrel configuration to use the externally

Currently resolves to by default.


I guess your question is where to bind mongrel and the answer is to the
local ip since the external ip is not bound to you box by any mean,
the traffic is routed to you instance belong to that public ip(som magic
happens with the headers).

Here is the definition for public/private ips in ec2

  • EC2 Private IP Address: The internal RFC 1918 address of an
    that is only routable within the EC2 Cloud. Network traffic
    outside the EC2 network cannot route to this IP, and must use the
    Public IP
    or Elastic IP Address mapped to the instance.

  • EC2 Public IP Address: Internet routable IP address assigned by the
    system for all instances. Traffic routed to the Public IP is
    translated via
    1:1 Network Address Translation (NAT) and forwarded to the Private IP
    address of an instance. The mapping of a Public IP to Private IP of
    instance is the default launch configuration for all instance types.
    IP Addresses are no longer usable upon instance termination.

I hope that helps.


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Currently resolves to by default.


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