Amateur's effort to add a new page to his website

Hi All,

I’ve got a friend who’s had a simple website up for years:
The site was obviously generated with some kind of fill-in-the-blanks
He wants to add a page to his site for his mom’s stuff and asked me
about the pros and cons of the alternative ideas for addressing her

HTML is not my long suit and I’m still working on my first Rails
application, so I’m not qualified to offer an opinion.

Any suggestions for my lawyer/mathematician/non-programmer friend?

Thanks in advance,

On 12 March 2010 14:13, RichardOnRails
[email protected] wrote:

It depends on whether his mom’s stuff is conceptually part of his
website, in which case the second or third options (for the second I
presume you meant, or a completely
separate site in which case the first might be more appropriate. That
assumes he has the possibility of doing the first of course (depending
on how his site is hosted).


Again, Colin, thanks for your guidance.

I just finished visiting my friend’s site , viewing its source code
and talking to him by phone

He’s got a column of links on the left. Clicking one brings up the
referenced page with the URL:

He’s sophisticated enough to see how the link is coded and where the
page’s code is stored and how it’s programmed. So he can replicate
the structure, substituting “mom” as appropriate.

Then the mom.html appendage will bring up mom’s one-and-only page
without her visitors ever bringing up his law-office pages, so mom can
publish that URL. But he’s not averse to actually having a link to
mom’s site on his home page so that her users can access it that way.

I think he’ll be OK, but if not I’ll try to help him … backed by my
resources, like this NG.

Best wishes,

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