Amalgalite 0.4.0 Released

amalgalite version 0.4.0 has been released.

gem install amalgalite

Amalgalite embeds the SQLite database engine in a ruby extension. There
is no
need to install SQLite separately.

Look in the examples/ directory to see

  • general usage
  • blob io
  • schema information

Also Scroll through Amalgalite::Database for a quick example, and a
overview of the API.

{{ Release notes for Version 0.4.0 }}

  • Major Enhancements

    • update to SQLite3 version 3.6.2 and enable the RTree option by
    • Amalgalite::Requires module allowing ruby code to be ‘required’ from
      in an SQLite database
    • Amagalite::Requires::Bootstrap extension module enabling low level
      strapping of the pure ruby Amalgalite code from an sqlite database
  • Minor Enhancements

    • more indepth information about indexes is available via the Index
    • add support for sqlite3_status and sqlite3_db_status information
  • Bugfixes

    • fix nil exception when using a declared_data_type on primary key
      column that
      has no declared_data_type
    • when Database#transaction is passed a block, the return value is the
      value of the block
    • nested transactions are ‘faked’. Calling Database#transaction while
      Database#in_transaction? is true does not result in an exception,
      continues on in the current transaction.
    • raise LoadError if required in the same program as sqlite3-ruby.
      libraries conflict with each other.