Alternate POST request to nginx failing


We are experiencing a strange issue with nginx. If I send multiple POST
request to server one after the other, all the alternate POST request
I tried debugging the nginx code and found that on every POST request
following functions are supposed to be called.

Caller function: ngx_epoll_process_events

handlers/functions to be called:
1> ngx_event_accept
2> ngx_http_wait_request_handler
3> ngx_http_request_handler

However when I make a post request, the first two handlers are invoked
request returns successfully. But the last handler is not invoked. On
request only “ngx_http_request_handler” is invoked and request returns
without calling the “http module”.

I’m yet to dig into further details of nginx code and understand it, but
case you have came through a similar scenario just please let me know of
problem and solution. That would save a lot of my time. Thank you


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Just a addition. I’m using Nginx Version 1.7.4.
Also strangely if I use unix/wget to make the same POST request the
doesn’t appear.

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