Alsa instead of OSS


Good point.
The player is using the factory element ‘osssink’. My setup uses alsa, I
have an onboard intel hda sound card and an external echo layla 24. Both
working fine. I use the hda for banshee as it doesn’t seem to like the
layla. Pure data can do both perfectly.
How to i change to alsa. I tried ‘alsasink’ but the factory element
threw an error when I attempted to play a mp3.

(SimpleAudioPlayer:28877): GStreamer-WARNING **: element thread0 claimed
state-change success,but state didn’t change to PLAYING. State is PAUSED
(NONE_PENDING pending), fix the element

That’s quite a story.

After installing using the player.rb I tested with a normal mp3. The
audio was fine except for a randomly crackly sound interspersed
the music. This does not happen in Bansee or Pure Data. Format
Anyone have any ideas?

I know very little about player.rb. Is it talking to ALSA or O

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