Alphanumeric Sort

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 10:47 AM, Robert W.
[email protected]wrote:

I’d say no, this sort of thing would not be useful (recommended) in core.
String based sorting is what it is (and is also affected by language and

Don’t numerals come before letters in all languages and locales?

What you are doing is very specialized to your application.

I think it has usefulness in a number of situations. Has anyone else had
do something like this?

three integer values in the database.
That would work if all of the books in the database fit that model
number and parts range). Most don’t, but a decent portion do. Others use
volume numbers (“Vol. 1”, “Vol. 2”) or edition dates (“2008 Edition”).

The question was if there’s a more efficient way to perform the sort.
able to have the database do the sort would be great, but the database
(MySQL 5.1) can’t split a string and sort the resulting array.