Alphabetical selection from array and element updating

Writing a crud program where a person would add, delete, update a
element (Create, Read, Update, Delete).

I have ‘add’ and ‘delete’ figured out. Having trouble with methods for
updating a element and picking out elements of a particular letter such
as a person selecting “a” and the method would produce elements in the
array such as Arthur, Andy, and Aimee.

Here’s the cruddy code (pun intended)

names = []
ages = []

hotkey = gets.to_i
while hotkey != 10

if hotkey == 3 then
puts ‘You have selected to update names by their position in the list’
puts names
puts ages
puts ‘From top to bottom, type the record number of which age you wish
to adjust’

element_number = gets.to_i # gets user input from which record is
ages.index(element_number-1) # select record
# Heres where problems start I need to
put a element as a integer back in to array and then view array I have
tried ages.replace but no luck. Any suggestions?

puts names
puts ages
puts ‘Would you like to update another name press 10 for no, press 3
for yes’
hotkey = gets.to_i
puts ‘You have quit’
print names
puts ages

The other problem is viewing people by the first letter of the element
in the array case insentsitive. Same code as above here is the if loop I
am working on with method problems.

if hotkey == 5
puts ‘Type the first letter of the name you wish to view’
puts names
a = gets.to_s

{ having trouble passing a from the .gets to this block where a would be
the letter value of user input. all names with the letter a would be
displayed for viewing }

puts names
puts ‘Would you like to choose another menu option press 10 for no,
press 1,2,3 for yes’
hotkey = gets.to_i

Thanks again for the help,