[ Allround deployment for Rails ] using nginx and passenger, best practice, how?

Im ready setting up a CentOS 5.4 new secure server for hosting Rails
only the deployment setup is causing me mayor headaches.

I use:

  • CentOS
  • Nginx
  • Ruby Enterprise and Passenger

What I would like to do, and ask some advice for the tools I could
best use for deployement,
I need the deployemt to be as easy as possible. It should

  • Automatically create a Nginx Vhost for ruby on rails hosting with a
    document root and domain name specified. ( DNS is allready set for
    domains )
  • Automatically create appropiate folder on the server and upload my
  • Automatically install the Gems my application requires
  • Automatically restarts the application

What would be the best way to do above?

Ive been using webbynode before they had a 1 line " wn push " to push
your application to the remote server, before using that command you
had to setup the application with a command like " wn init servername

Anyone can give me some advice, examples, cap recipes to make above
Any help to achieve something of above would be great, thanks in