AllInOneRuby 0.2.9


I just released AllInOneRuby 0.2.9.

As you know, Ruby has to be installed, either by unzipping a
ZIP-file, or by running an installer. Only then, you can run a
script. Well, not anymore!

AllInOneRuby creates a compressed executable for Windows, Linux
or Mac OS X (Darwin) that includes both the Ruby interpreter
and the runtime libraries. Why? Because it’s sometimes not
easy, or possible, or desirable, or allowed to do a complete
Ruby installation. That’s where AllInOneRuby comes in. I always
have a USB-memory stick with AllInOneRuby in my pocket.

A “just-in-time and temporary installation of Ruby”…

More information and download on:

Erik V. -


  • Fixed a bug concerning parameters with quotes and other
    escapable characters.

  • Fixed a bug concerning spaced parameters on Linux and Darwin.

  • AllInOneRuby and RubyScript2Exe now work together.