All things needed for clock modification


I’m going to use USRP1 with 52 MHz clock, but i can’t force USRP to work
properly with 52 MHz clock - so I want to be sure, that I haven’t
forgotten something.

first step was the motherboard modification for external clock.

second step ware 2 gnu-radio patches for 52 MHz clock (recently only one

Now I’m not sure about the daughterboards modification as described in - I
have USRP1 rev 4.5 with 2xRFX1800 daughterboards - this means I dont
need any modifications, or only some part of them? (like EEPROM

Then how about FPGA Image for 52 MHz ? Do I really
need to burn the EEPROM on the motherboard (because this is the only one
page, where is this mentoined - nowhere else) and if yes, then what
should I write for this modification instead of:
./usrp_burn_mb_eeprom --args= --key=mcr

Are this all needed modifications or is there some more?