[ALERT] miniunit is preventing Ruby 1.9.0-5 from released

Hi, Ryan.

I wrote the status of Ruby 1.9.0-5 at [ruby-core:18986].
And miniunit has little, but obvious problems. The problems cause some
tests to fail, so I can’t release 1.9.0-5.

Ryan, please fix them as soon as possible. I want you to

  • Apply the patches in [ruby-core:18928] and resolve the bug #607.
  • Import the tests of miniunit into $(srcdir)/test/mini.
  • Reply to [ruby-core:18929] and [ruby-core:18988].
  • Fix the exit status - [ruby-core:18991].
  • Make bin/testrb work correctly - [ruby-core:18991].

These should be done by 2008-09-30T10:00:00 UTC. Or, I will temporarily
revert the miniunit related commits in order to release 1.9.0-5.