Alert -- Bug? Model "version 010" subdirectory

Sorry to join and throw in a possible bug report, but I just spent
several hours trying to figure out why my models suddenly reverted to
old versions and refused to accept any changes.

I attempted to search all the RoR archives and didn’t find anything
matching this.

(On my system at least) if the /app/models directory has either
version 010
version 011-err
subdirectory, the system may pull from the subdirectory even when
there’s a file in the /models/ directory.

You can verify this by creating a “/models/version 010” and moving all
models into it (leaving /models/ empty). On my system, everything keeps
running (using the “version 010” files)–verified multiple times and

The /controllers/ directory does not have the issue. (At least not with
those particular names.)

Sorry that I can’t run through RoR source to attempt to discover the
problem. Just 1 week in R/RoR, not ready to tackle the source.

Rich C.

=== VERSIONS ===
ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]
Rails 0.14.3