Ajuby 0.4 release


We have released Ajuby 0.4. Please test drive and let us know how we
improve this further.

Would love to address specific problems rather than making a
yet-another-framework. We are aiming to fill the gap between Rails
!) and business application development by providing necessary glue
(domain objects, authentication, auditing, extensible ui etc).


There are some interesting features in this release:

  • New application data security layer, includes custom collection
    declaration for fine grained data sharing
  • Improved UI architecture
    • Navigation tabs, subtabs and link references
    • Generate navigation tabs dynamically, configurable and driven by
    • new theme ‘sociallabs’ added
    • UI widgets (search, new, edit, list) for application actions
    • Integrated Dojo components. Enjoy Dojo user interface with Ajuby
      access and authorization controls
  • Auditing support for tracking data access
  • Reports module based on Dojo
  • AjubyLogger for lightweight logging and console print as well
  • Enhanced configuration management using ajubyconfig.yml
    • Change properties dynamically, without restarting the application
      control panel
    • Dynamic loading application themes/layout
    • Theme previews
  • Mashup ready with sample webservices using Google search example
  • Fixed many bugs, refer to bug list for more details.

As always thanks to all open source enthusiasts who contributed directly
indirectly to this release.



Open Source policy solutions for your enterprise:
Open Source in a business friendly manner: http://www.openapp.org/c0/

Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry for missing out a basic overview of

In short this project aims to provide a GREAT JUMP START to developers
writing business applications using Rails.

This is a brief overview of what it does:

Ajuby is a rapid business application builder for developers who want to
a jump start on their rails development projects. It does this by
an extensive domain specific components on top of a popular RAILS-based

This framework provides

  • Robust Access/Data security services
  • Dynamic Tab generation/Theme/Layout control
  • Framework for building business components
  • RSS/Atom support for both publishing and subscribing.
  • Dynamic UI building specific for business components [ Coming in
    future release]
  • Integration plugins for popular business components like
    SalesForce/SugarCRM [ Coming in future release]

More information is here - http://ajuby.openapp.org



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