Ajax Table Plugin


I would like to know if there is a plug-in to create and manipulate
Ajax Tables. I have tried active scaffold, but the project has halted
and the plug-in is not stable. I’ve also tried Hobo, but this plug-in
requires complete site redesign.

My idea was to use these kind of tables in the front-end of Web
applications and not only in the Admin interfaces.

Tiago F.

Funny you mention this, I was looking for the same thing.

There must be a plugin somewhere that provides a generator for good
ajaxy tables.

Anyone know of this?

I would simply use jQuery. It makes at least sortable tables
trivial. Look in “Javascript - The Missing Manual” by David Sawyer
McFarland. The more I learn about jQuery more I like it.


I did not try yet, but Ihave seen this set of widget which include
table management : http://www.seesaw.it/en/toolbox/widgets/

(check the presentation at the bottom of the page to get an idea of
what it is doing).