Ajax Scaffold for a application started using win32-process


I have an RoR application(parent) which is use to kick off other RoR
applications(ajax scaffold based).
I use win32-process Open4.popen4() to start the RoR applications.
Untill recently I was using normal scaffold feature of Rails, and
recently I
migrated to Ajax Scaffold; After moving on to Ajax scaffold, when I try
start a RoR from my parent RoR, the application do get started, when I
a request to get me the list page, I do get a response but the moment I
click “Create New” on the list page of the object the server for child
gets stuck; no more requests are accepted and the create new request
was fired also gets stuck with progress icon revolving indefinately.

With Rails scaffold I didnt face such problems. could there be some
issue with the amount of memory allocated for the process for a started
application? which would imply that ajax scaffold needs more memory?

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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