AJAX, Response codes and Opera

Hello all.

I am in the following situation. I page made up of a few divs and a form
form_remote_tag like so:

<%= form_remote_tag :update => { :failure => ‘content’, :success =>
‘body’ }, :url => { :controller => ‘server’, :action => ‘create’,
:client_id => params[:client_id] } -%>
<%= render :partial => ‘form’ -%>
<%= end_form_tag -%>

As you can see depending on the success or failure two different divs
are updated. The backend code has this line.

def create
@server = Server.new(params[:server])
@server.client_id = params[:client_id]
if @server.save
flash[:notice] = ‘Server was successfully created.’
flash[:partial] = true
redirect_to :controller => ‘client’, :action => ‘view’, :client_id
=> params[:client_id]
render :partial => ‘new’, :client_id => params[:client_id],
:status => 403

Probably very un-rubyish but what the hell, I’m a noob. As you can see
what will happen is that if the submission is successful then the body
div will be updated with the content in the client/view action. If it
fails then the form partial is re-rendered in the content tag with a 403
HTTP code. (Which tells the the javascript that it should use that).

This works fine and dandy in Opera and firefox but in opera it isn’t
working. The content div is updated with nothing. (I am using a
Javascript DOM analyser).
If I replace the :status with 200 then the partial fragment is rendered
in the body, if I use 201 it screws up. It looks like Opera isn’t
rendering the response body if the HTTP code is anything other than 200.

Am I doing something wrong here or have others noticed this behaviour?




This works fine and dandy in Opera and firefox but in opera it isn’t

should read as

This works fine and dandy in Internet Explorer and firefox but in Opera it isn’t.