Ajax request not coming

Hello guys,

I am sending an ajax request in javascript with some parameters. Ajax
request is javascript is written as:-

new Ajax.Request( ‘/controllername/actionname?employee_id=’ +
employee_id + ‘&employee_name=’ + emp_name + some_more_parameters,
{ asynchronous:true, evalScripts:true,
onFailure: function(transport)
alert(“Server was down while performing this action. Please
contact administrators.”);

Now what is happening is that if i run this code on my local machine, it
works fine but if i try to run this on my server(production mode), ajax
request is not coming in log files. Also when i give breakpoints in
chrome to see what is going on then ajax request is coming fine but
without it, its not coming.

So cases are:-

  1. Coming in local machine.
  2. Coming in production mode when i give breakpoints in server.
  3. Coming in production mode when i give onSuccess in request as well.
  4. But request is not coming if i simply call it.

So can you guys tell me what is going on over here. Can not figure out
from so much time. :’(

If you click on the resources tab in the developer tools and scroll to
the bottom, you should see an entry for the ajax request. If you don’t,
the request isn’t firing. If you do, the response will give you some
valuable troubleshooting information.


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