AJAX "render :partial" does not update if specified view matches current view

I have some simple code that renders a form to an element specified in
form_remote_tag :update. The problem is that, if the loaded view
matches the view to render, Rails does nothing rather than refreshing
the view (which is the desired behavior).

There is an element with id “form,” also specified in the form tag:

Here’s how the form is built:

<% form_remote_tag(
:url => {
:action => ‘create’,
:id => params[:id]
:update => ‘form’
) do -%>

The exit code in this controller action:

when ‘Save’
render :partial => ‘edit’
when ‘Save and New’
render :partial => ‘new’

The view that contains this form is the “new” partial. So, the idea is
that if a user clicks “Save and New” they will have the “new” view
refreshed rather than being moved to the edit screen.

Is what I’m attempting possible with render :partial?


Is what I’m attempting possible with render :partial?

On Jul 22, 1:51 pm, Thomas A. [email protected] wrote:

Is what I’m attempting possible with render :partial?

Have you checked with firebug to see what is actually going back and
forth between the browser and the server ? (fun issues like the
browser helpfully autocompleteing the new fields for you ?)


Hm, I’ll try explicitly setting the [nonstandard] autocomplete
attribute off in the inputs…


On Jul 22, 9:02 am, Frederick C. [email protected]