Ajax progress indicator

Hi all,

This might be more a html question than a rals one…

I have a link that user link_remote_to. When a user clicks that link I
want to hide it and show a progress indicator in that same place.

I tried to do this with 3 spans:

  • ajax link here text here

The problem is that I cannot give the span a width so the ‘text here’
always moves when the link is clicked since the indicator has a
smaller size than the link.

how do you people solve this?



Here’s an example with inline styles.

  • ajax link1 here
    Text here
  • ajax link2 here
    More text here

Sorry that the colors are ugly; it’s an easy way to see that the items
are the same width. Technically you don’t need the styling on the
first li, but it is obviously easier to include it (e.g., partial)
than code around it.

divs don’t work since I need to present data in a row. A div is not an
inline element.