Ajax problem


I am trying to use ajax to update a page by using the link_to command.
When I click the link_to commad my ajax request is not being process.

The view is a list of message. Once I click on a message link_to
command, I want it to update the message

When I click on the link_to command, I get this respond in the url:

My javascript is not being render.

Please help. Thanks.

<%=h @folder.name %>

<% for message in @messages %>

<% end %>

From Subject Received
<%= message.author.login %> <%= link_to
message.subject, :url=>{:action=> :update} , :remote => true %></
<%= distance_of_time_in_words(message.created_at, Time.now)
%> ago

<%= will_paginate @messages %>