AJAX previous/next links to update entry

i have single

that loads a single entry…im trying
to refresh that
via “Previous” and “Next” links with a AJAX
calls…i am using link_to_remote as seen here…:

<%= link_to_remote “previous”, :update => ‘featured’,
:url => { :page => @entry_pages.current.next } if
@entry_pages.current.next %>

my controller has…:

def list
@entry_pages, @entries = paginate :entries, :per_page => 1

am i on the right track?..this seems to be working, although the

updates with the whole new page layout, not just the snippet of the
entry code…i suspect this has to do with “render(:layout => false)”,
but i dont know where/how to add this in my controller…how can this
be done, am i going about this in the right way?..any help is