Ajax - page.remove broken by css in IE

(I kept getting an error with an attachment, lets see if it goes through
without one since the error didn’t say what was wrong)

This page works fine in Firefox, but is broken in IE.

The delMan link works fine to delete all the records for that employee,
but the individual rows is broken.

On some rows, when you click the delRow button, that row will be
deleted, the row below’s description will move up, but its cells will
remain in their current position. Then everything after that will move
up as expected. This results in it looking like a row and a half were
deleted -

if row 3 is deleted, row 4’s descripion moves up, but its cells do not.
They are then covered by row 5 when it moves into its new position. So
you see

desc 1 cell 1
desc 2 cell 2
desc 4
desc 5 cell 5

I’ve narrowed it down to the following bit of CSS.
.timecard_row {
left: 150px;

.OT { color:black; background-color:yellow;}
//.OT { color:black; }

As is, this will break, but if I remove the background-color from .OT,
or the position from .timecard_row, it will work fine - removing either
one fixes it.

I’ve attached a stripped down version of my code. Its mainly a copy and
paste from a view-source so there is no ruby code in there. On my
machine if you clicked an A row first, you would see the misplaced rows,
the Bs behave. The controller was called task, though you could do a
find / replace to change it.

Any insight into how to fix this would be appreciated. I really need to
keep the position as absolute, and would like the descriptions to be
highlighted if possible.

Since the attachment is giving an application error, here is the code
for the files. Sorry bout this.

page.remove “row_” + @id.to_s

page.remove “emp_” + @id.to_s

class TasksController < ApplicationController
def index
def deleteAll
@id = params[:id]
def deleteRow
@id = params[:id]

Index.rhtml (sorry - it looks like crap)

Demo Project <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> .timecard_row { position:absolute; left: 150px; } .OT { color:black; background-color:yellow;} //.OT { color:black; }
Dave A
Row - Type A
Delrow Copy Reg OT
Row - Type B
Delrow Copy Reg OT
Row - Type A
Delrow Copy Reg OT
Row -Type A
Delrow Copy Reg OT
Row - Type B
Delrow Copy Reg OT
Row -Type B
Delrow Copy Reg OT

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