AJAX page.call not working

Hi Everyone,

I need your help.

I have created a form that makes an Ajax call to submit the data.

It is working fine on 1 page of the site
(Contact | Trip Outlook Travel Buddy) and same code is not working
properly at the other page (http://www.tripoutlook.com/home/publishers)

It seems like page.call function is not getting handled properly i.e.

on successful form submission, controller does the following -
render :update do |page|
page << “$(‘contact_us_table’).hide();”
page << “$(‘contact_status’).show();”

which should hide the contact form and display a message.

Instead, for http://www.tripoutlook.com/home/publishers, it just dumps
the following -
page << “$(‘contact_us_table’).hide();”
page << “$(‘contact_status’).show();”

How can I fix this?

Rajat G. wrote:

      page << "$('contact_us_table').hide();"

How can I fix this?

I’d say you have to change your submit onclick handler
to call this.form.onsubmit() instead of this.form.submit().

Perhaps instead of a remote_form and a normal submit button
you should use a normal form and a submit_to_remote button
with onclick JS “this.disabled=true;this.value=‘Sending…’”

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